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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Helena Guerrero and Biomagnetism

This page was created by Helena Guerrero, owner and founder of  Biomagnetism USA / GlobalBiomagnetism.
Helena Guerrero is a Certified Biomagnetism Therapist since 2009 and an authorized Biomagnetism Instructor by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, who discovered and developed the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy / Medical Biomagnetism Healing System in 1988.
She was also the organizer of the only Certified Biomagnetism trainings in the US  from 2010 - 2017 for Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. 
After Dr. Isaac Goiz passed  away in 202, she continues his work in the US and worldwide by passing on his knowledge, teachings and wisdom to all those interested in training or receiving therapeutic healing.  

Helena Guerrero has her Biomagnetism practice in the beautiful San Francisco, Napa, Sacramento Area in California. She is also available for long distance Biomagnetism treatments. Her contact info is under California.

The purpose of this web page is so people interested in experiencing and / or receiving Biomagnetism Therapy who  are not able to come and see her in Northern California and would rather get a hand on experience, can get in touch with a Certified Biomagnetism Practitioner in their area.
All Biomagnetism Therapists in this listing have taken their Biomagnetism training with Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD, who discovered the Biomagnetic Pair in 1988 or by Instructors approved by him. 
Biomagnetism USA™  / GlobalBiomagnetism  is not responsible for the results each individual person may achieve, as results vary according to the amount of training, experience and the way each therapist may apply the technique developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD.
If you are a Certified Biomagnetism Therapist and you will like to be included in this list, please send us an email for details on how to join us, thanks! 
Email: biomagnetismUSA@gmail.com
For information on Biomagnetism, please visit: GlobalBiomagnetism.com
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Helena Guerrero     San Francisco Bay Area      BiomagnetismTestimonials   email: biomagnetismusa@gmail.com    
Biomagnetism Therapist and Instructor - Long Distance Treatments, Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2,  MicrobioEnergetics 1 & 2MicrobioEnergetics & Children, Advanced Biomagnetism Protocols, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology / NCODE Expert, Biomagnetism and Veterinary, Advanced Biomagnetism Protocols, Emotion Code, Mora Technique: 7 Layers of the Heart -  Biomagnetism  Therapist since 2009 

Monday, March 21, 2016


Helena Guerrero     San Francisco Bay Area    707-642-7700  BiomagnetismTestimonials   email: biomagnetismusa@gmail.com    
Biomagnetism Therapist and Instructor -  Long Distance treatments, Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2,  MicrobioEnergetics 1 & 2MicrobioEnergetics & Children, Advanced Biomagnetism Protocols, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology / NCODE Expert, Biomagnetism and Veterinary, Advanced Biomagnetism Protocols, Emotion Code, Mora Technique: 7 Layers of the HeartBiomagnetism  Therapist since 2009 

Esther Mora          San Jose     408-849-9859    email: esther.mora295@gmail.com
 Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2,  MicrobioEnergetics Level 1,  Mora Technique: 7 Layers of the Heart-  Biomagnetic Neuropsychology-Biomagnetism  Therapist since 2012 

Moneca Dunham RN, BSN  Foothills - west of Denver    
Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2 since 2022.


Martha Fiore   Miami Beach   305-606-7073   www.BiomagnetismoFlorida.com    email: biomagnetmiami@gmail.com 
 Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2,  MicrobioEnergetics 1&2, MicrobioEnergetics in Children,  Biomagnetism and Veterinary,  Advanced Biomagnetism Protocols, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology / NCODE Expert -Biomagnetism  Therapist since 2011  

Alvaro Gonzalez     Gaithersburg    917-414-7476  email: carpediem0003@yahoo.com  www.Biomagtoday.com   
Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2,  Biomagnetism  Therapist since 2013

New York / New Jersey Area
Derek Newman, BA, CYT, CMT     New York City   917-741-6895   www.DereksHealingArts.com   email: info@derekshealingarts.com
Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2,  MicrobioEnergetics 1, Yoga teacher, Massage - Biomagnetism  Therapist since 2011


Ann Sinclair   Grandville   616-450-1174  www.BiomagBalance.com   email: sinclair5789@gmail.com
Biomagnetism Levels 1, MicrobioEnergetics 1& 2, MicrobioEnergetics & Children, Mora Technique: 7 Layers of the Heart

Bryan L. Frank MD, Professional Association    Edmond     405-763-7603   www.Re-GenesisHealth.com     email: info@Re-GenesisHealth.com
 Biomagnetism Levels 1 & 2, MicrobioEnergetics Levels 1 & 2, Prolotherapy, Medical Acupuncture, Anti- Aging, Regenerative Medicine, BHRT


Kathryn Lowther    Victoria & Duncan BC   250-891-5138   email: info@biomagcanada.ca     www.biomagcanada.ca  
Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2, Radionics, Certified Universal Energy Healer (HUE) - Biomagnetism Therapist since 2007



Maggie Kirwan    Deanstown House, Main Street, Blanchardstown, Dublin  # 086 0857495 maggiektherapy@gmail.com
Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2, MicrobioEnergetics, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology / NCODE Expert      

Suzy Dior   Phone # 07721192369 email- suzydior@gmail.com
Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2,  Telebioenergetics and Distance Healing, Reiki Master, BioTerrain Analysis, Cranio-Sacral, Private Gym Instructor.                                                 


Lisa Brough Brisbane & Maroochydore    + 61 407755964   www.BiomagnetismAustralia.com   email: lisabrough74@hotmail.com 
Biomagnetism Level 1, MicrobioEnergetics 1, SCENAR Neurostimulation, Reiki @ Seichim Master, EFT, Biomagnetism Therapist since 2014